How to Transfer from Vanguard to Fidelity DAF

Last updated and tested July 2023 using updated Vanguard Workflows

This process has been tested by contributing Vanguard Mutual Fund shares from a Vanguard Brokerage Account to a Fidelity Donor Advised Fund. It may be appropriate (and slightly different questions in the securities sections) if you are contributing 3rd party Mutual Funds, ETFs or Common Stocks (I just haven't tested those use cases.)

Historical Timing Experience

I am going to list my personal experience with transfer times as I do this at least once annually, any other users of this process can let me know their timing for different types of securities and I will report here. I am most likely only going to be transferring Vanguard Mutual fund assets in the foreseeable future.

 Process Involves Four Steps

1.    Identify Shares to be donated from Vanguard Brokerage

General rules: pick the shares that are the most appreciated, have at least 1 year holding period and are most overweight in the portfolio asset allocation.

Fund Ticker: ___________

   Fund Share Count: ___________

Date Shares were acquired: ____________

2.    Fill out the Fidelity Form

How to access the Fidelity DAF LOI Form

Delivering firm name

Vanguard Brokerage Services

Account type


Broker name




Phone: (Vanguard Phone Number)




Street address: (Vanguard - Overnight)

455 Devon Park Drive

Wayne, PA 19087-1815

Account # at Delivering Firm

<<Use your Vanguard Brokerage Account #>>

Complete the form, click next

Securities to contribute

Enter the Security Information collected in Step 1 of this document.

Click next, and save a PDF copy of the LOI, just save for reference, do not forward to Vanguard (Step 3 initiates the process at Vanguard).

3.    Fill out Vanguard Form

How to find the Vanguard Gifting Form

click Get started

What type of gift do you want to make?

Gift to a non-Vanguard Account

What type of account are you gifting from?

Individual Account

click Continue

What account are you gifting from?

<<Choose the brokerage account as appropriate >>

Select the funds you wish to gift from via the list provided on the screen.

click Continue

Enter the number of shares and the cost basis method.

click Continue

Who are you sending the gift to?

a Charity

Do you wish to give your gift anonymously?

No << or appropriate answer>>

click Continue

Name of receiving firm

National Financial Services LLC

Brokerage DTC


Name of individual (first, middle initial, last), trust or organization

Fidelity Charitable Giving Account XXXXXXX

Receiving account Number


Note: this is the public account number for all DAF transfers. See this form for details.

click Continue

Review form 

click Continue

I, <<Name Here>>, sign and agree

check box, click Submit

Backup information, Just in case (but not on online form)

Fidelity Charitable Phone


Fax: 877-665-4274

US Mail

Fidelity Charitable

PO Box 770001

Cincinnati, OH 45277-0053

Overnight Mail

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

100 Crosby Parkway

Mail Zone KC1D-FCS

Covington, KY 41015-9325

4.    Transfer Request Status

The status of the Vanguard form can be checked at

Portfolio > Accounts > Holdings > Gifted Shares

It may take several days for status to show on this page after submittal. This request is the action that makes the transfer happen.

In fact, with the new workflow in July 2023, the does not display any in-process status. The gift only appears here once the transfer has been completed. Way to go Vanguard, sigh.

The status for the Fidelity LOI can be checked on Fidelity Charitable at:

History > Contribution History

Note, this form does not trigger any action at Fidelity, it only prepares the account to receive the transfer from Vanguard. The initiation of the transfer is performed by Vanguard. Fidelity only responds to the transfer request.