Readington Garbage Options

Why this Page?

This page is an attempt to collect information for Readington Residents who are looking for a path forward for their garbage services after 1/1/2024. I do not intend to publicize, organize, or support any sort of response to the township committee as that ship has sailed. I will share what information they have provided here as an aid in transition including an advice, service options, dates, etc.

Critical Information Known as of 11/17/23

Text of Service Request Quote I am sending to each service:

Looking for curbside residential pickup service at 12 Fieldstone Way, Whitehouse Station, NJ start 1/1/24 as replacement for old Readington Sticker program. Looking for price of 65 and 95 gallon can options, weekly service including regular recycling pickup. Please include setup/drop-off fees and contract/service terms.

How you can help!

Please send email to me at with updates or pertinent info about options or quotes you have received. If you have new providers to consider, please send them me as well.

If you don't want to do email, you can also add comments to the spreadsheet below, I will receive the comments and incorporate as appropriate.

Please do not post to Facebook with feedback to me! There is a 99% chance I will miss the posting!

Potential Service Providers

All service provider information on this site is provided as a public service by me with help of various volunteers. I make no representation as to correctness, and I also make no recommendations. I am happy to receive corrections and updates!

Note, this was updated based upon the township's letter of 11/9/23, then each day as new info emerges...

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